Congresswoman Angie Antonelli, the main character of my new book, Love Is Enough, asked to post a series of daily posts on this blog leading up to Election Day in the US on Tuesday, November 4.   And, really, how could I refuse her?


This is my final post on Cindy’s blog, so I first want to thank her for letting me be here these last few days. It’s been a pleasure.

And if you check back tomorrow, Cindy will have something really special to announce. So watch this space!

I promised that today I’d name names and tell you about some of the people who’ll be on the ballot tomorrow—both incumbents and new candidates. These are the people who will continue the progress we have made and will push back against any attempts to stop justice in its tracks.

So here they are:

First and Foremost—The US Senate

The tightest races where your vote is most needed include:

  • Georgia: Michelle Nunn – while not perfect on LGBT rights is much better than her opponent
  • Louisiana: Incumbent Mary Landrieu – an important person to keep in the Senate; she’s a voice of reason among her Southern colleagues
  • Michigan: Gary Peters is vying for the seat held by the retiring Carl Levin. Peters is a pro-choice, pro-LGBT progressive running against an arch conservative
  • New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen, the incumbent, deserves a second term
  • North Carolina: Kay Hagan, another voice of reason from the South

In the House

  • Arizona: Krystan Sinema – the only openly bisexual member of Congress and a progressive voice. Let’s re-elect her.
  • Florida: Gwen Graham – pro-choice, pro-marriage equality facing a Tea Party incumbent who voted to defund Planned Parenthood

Governor Races

Four important races, three of which will defeat key opponents of equality and justice. In Florida, former governor Charlie Crist can oust the incumbent, Rick Scott, a Tea Party member. Similarly, in Maine, openly gay candidate Michael Michaud not only has the chance to become the first openly elected gay governor; he would defeat another Tea Party member, Paul Le Page. Finally, two exciting women are running in Wisconsin and Texas. Mary Burke, a progressive, would oust Governor Scott Walker who has Presidential aspirations and is a darling of the Koch Brothers. And the woman who singlehandedly opposed anti-abortion forces in Texas, Wendy Davis, is running for governor and deserves our support.

 – – – –

Finally, in my own state of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, could become the first openly lesbian attorney general in the state. Maura has been a longstanding opponent of the heinous former Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and led the state’s legal argument against the law.

So get out and vote tomorrow. As I’ve been telling you for days, so much depends on it!

To learn about more candidates, go to:

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