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meatcomputerThey say “Books are never completed, they’re just abandoned.”

As an author, I’ve found this to be true.  Even though I might think a book is finished once I get to the happily ever after and type “The End,” the characters usually refuse to give up the real estate they’ve occupied in my head.  As a result, their stories continue silently in my mind, as I fold laundry or brush my teeth or space out during a meeting. 

But these are definitely not the stories that will go into future books because they have very little conflict, drama or tension.  Instead, my “tomorrowland” is a pretty happy place to be.  All the time!

So if you’ve read my three books (or even if you haven’t) you might be amused to hear what I’ve got going on with these folks.

Robin and Tracy from Exception to the Rule:

Together now over 20 years (you’ll recall they finally became a couple in 1994), Tracy is happily ensconced in her profession as a psychologist in private practice with an adjunct appointment at Columbia.  She’s still taking dance classes for fun, still has an intense interest in fashion and has taken charge of the small family foundation she and Robin have created now that they have amassed some wealth from Robin’s writing.  Robin is a famous writer with many books to her credit.  She also penned the screenplay for her first novel, Home Town, which was nominated for an Academy Award.  So it was off to the Oscars for our two lucky heroines.  But through it all, Robin is still the same wise-cracking, down to earth kid she was in college, though far less cynical.  And she still spends a lot of time working to help homeless LGBT youth.  Oh, and did I mention, they have a son; a little blonde haired boy named Jonathan Patterson-Greene.

Angie and Jan from Love Is Enough:

The epilogue of this book actually took place in 2016 on election night when Angie will be elected to the US Senate.  Like Robin and Tracy, Angie and Jan also have a child; a little girl named Josie.  And Angie is pregnant again.  Next year she’ll give birth to a son, Peter Antonelli Clifford.

Elizabeth and Ruth from Getting Back:

After their 30-year estrangement, they are finally back together, married, and spending a lot of time with their friends from Fowler College as well as with their (now combined) families.  With the recent death of Justice Scalia, Ruth’s name has surfaced on the short list for the US Supreme Court.  Many LGBT organizations and media are urging President Obama to appoint her, but Ruth is trying to turn the volume down a bit because she doesn’t think she’s really being seriously considered and, after waiting so long to begin her life with Elizabeth, she’s not really sure she wants to keep working into her eighties.

As for Margaret Halperin, Elizabeth’s best friend, who runs a successful public relations firm in Hollywood, well, her story is not yet ready for public display.  Instead, one day she will be at the center of her own book.  Stay tuned…   


Jove Belle is Here…with Cake!

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Hey folks, the fabulous Jove Belle, lesfic author and regular at the Women & Words blog, has been on an ambitious blog tour that has spanned the globe (and boy are her arms tired…ba-da-bum).  Today, I have the pleasure of hosting her here so she can share a bit about her new book, Cake, published by Ylva.  And who doesn’t love Cake?

Take it away, Jove…


Hi everyone! Even though this blog post is showing up on Cindy Rizzo’s site, I’m actually Jove Belle. Because Cindy is so kickass, she loaned me her blog for the day. Now, I know that she normally says important words about important things, but I’m here to talk about fun stuff, like lesbian fiction and Cake.

Cake is not only a delicious dessert, it’s also the name of my new release. Like the dessert, Cake is a sweet treat, except when you read it, it won’t go straight to your hips. Cake is a novella length erotic romance. Basically, that means the two main characters get to have lots of sex to go with the romantic plot.

Check out the blurb below, then hop over to Ylva Publishing to pick up a copy of your own.

One last thing, because it’s a food themed book, I’m donating ten percent of the royalties to the United Nations World Food Programme. They feel the poorest people on the planet, and I really appreciate the work they do. You should check them out. Maybe make a donation if you can.


Kelly and Elana’s relationship is a recipe for disaster. First, they meet at a wedding, and that never works. Second, Kelly’s older brother is marrying Elana’s ex-lover. And third, Elana is still painfully, undeniably in love with said ex.

When it comes to other people’s lives, Elana Verdad is an expert. As a licensed psychologist and life coach, she helps people overcome obstacles. Her own life, on the other hand, is a disaster. Her lover left her for a man, so she drove over his mailbox accidentally on purpose. Now, not only did the judge take away her driver’s license, he also assigned her to community service at the local women’s prison. In what may be her worst idea ever, Elana decides to crash their wedding.

Kelly Miller may not understand her brother’s rush to marry his girlfriend, but when he asks her to bake his wedding cake, it’s not as if she can refuse. She’s in the catering business after all. At the wedding, she meets a beautiful, complicated, and seriously damaged woman. Although Kelly knows it’s crazy, she’s drawn to her nonetheless.

Despite the reasons they shouldn’t be together, there’s still an undeniable something between them. All they need is a chance to enjoy their slice of the cake.

Jove Belle has been a part of the lesbian fiction publishing community for almost a decade.

In addition to being an author and editor, Jove is a founding member and co-admin of the popular lesbian fiction blog Women and Words. She also works as a consultant with Book Enthusiast Promotions, an online marketing company for fiction authors, and as Operations Director US for Ylva Publishing.

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